KViHOTEL Budapest in a Nutshell


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Control everything with your smartphone

Utilize the TMRW application the access all hotel services! From booking through checking in & checking-out, you are in charge of your stay. Search and pay for the perfect accommodation through our app, which serves as a dashboard during your stay. Scroll down for details!


Digital arrival

Our guests are provided with unrestricted, 24/7 access to the hotel building via our app, but you can check-in from everywhere, we'll send you a notification as soon as your room becomes available. Don’t be afraid of arriving early, you can just wait in our lobby and enjoy out free high-speed WiFi network in the meantime. Do not count on meeting the receptionist though! Why? Scroll for the answer!


Virtual reception

Get ready for a unique and hi-tech hotel experience. At our hotel there is no front desk, no receptionist, and this means that there is no unnecessary waiting in line either. Everything can be done through the TMRW application. This raises the obvious question. How can you receive the key to your room?


Your mobile is the key

Opening your room has never been easier. Use your mobile as your key to open and close your room from a close range. You don’t have to worry about leaving your keys or card behind. Your travel companions can also receive their own key of course, by registering as a guest in the TMRW app.


Even your room got smart

How can a hotel room be smart? it is in perfect sync with your smartphone. Receive notifications as soon as your room has been cleaned or set the perfect temperature for you to wait when you get back.


Concierge & support gone digital

What happens when you need concierge services? Use the app to order breakfast or call a taxi. Do you still need to talk to someone? Feel free to contact our 24-hour support. Are you worried that you phone battery will die, and you will be locked out of your room? We got you covered, you can find chargers in the lobby.



Rooms & Suites

Superior Room

Deluxe Room

Junior Suite



Booking - TMRW Hotels

Booking is available through TMRW Hotels Application in 4 easy steps. Check out the video below for details.