Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMRW Hotels?

TMRW Hotels is an application that helps guests have a digital hotel experience and take over the control of their stay. TMRW Hotels is present in (X) countries and has more than (X) partners.

How can I get in touch with the Hotels?

You can always contact us via our application. We are ready to help you and assist you should any question arise.

Where can I download the application?

Google Play: TBD
Appstore: TBD

Which types of smartphones are compatible with the TMRW app?

The TMRW app is compatible with all iOS devices operating on iOS (X) or higher and Android devices that run on Android 5.5 or higher.

What happens if my phone's battery dies?

If you ran out of battery life while discovering the city, we can lend you a powerbank in the lobbybar to be able to charge your phone and get into your room.

What happens if I lost my phone?

In case you lost your phone we can always assist you and open your door via the help of our virtual receptionists.

What happens if I forgot my phone inside and lock myself out of my room?

Just ask for help in the lobby and we will be happy to assist you.

What happens if I don't have a smartphone or it is not compatible?

If your phone is not compatible you will not be able to access all the functions provided through our application, you can use the tablets provided at the entrance however you will not be able to open your room. In case such event would occur, we will print out an RFID sticker for you or would be able to open your door with the help of our virtual receptionists.

What if there was an error with the application?

First make sure to refresh it by pulling down the screen, then try again. Please note that some of the functions are only available after check-in.

Who can I turn to if I am having problems with the TMRW app?

You can ask for help using the Call Support option in the app.

How do I book a breakfast?

If you don't have breakfast in your package but you would love to try, just simply tap on the breakfast tile and proceed with the order. We already have your card details, so you don't have to do anything.

Can I cancel my breakfast order?

Unfortunately you won't be able to do that. As we are working with an instant transactions mechanism, your expenses are always charged immediately.

How can I handle the AC?

For your comfort we have built in the AC remote into the application. Tap on the room management tile, select Cooling/Heating and set your desired temperature and speed.

How do I order a taxi?

Just tap on the Transport tile, download the suggested taxi app and order your taxi to anywhere you want to.

How do I book?

For booking, please download our application (for Android and iOS) and search for available hotels and dates from here: **TBD**

Where can I book?

You can book on our own channels, our website or our application.

Which booking sites are compatible with the TMRW app?

If you booked a room in our hotel on a different booking site, the app will automatically accept the ID number you received (e.g.

What if I would like to book multiple rooms?

You can easily do that. However you can book a maximum of 5 rooms within the same booking process. If you wish to book more please contact us directly.

How far in advance can I cancel my booking?

Usually you can cancel your booking 48 hours before your arrival. However we reserve the right to change the cancellation policy.

When do I pay?

As per our policy, all payments are done online in our application via a registered card. Payment will occur as according to the seasonality, either immediately or 48 hours before arrival.

How do I pay for my expenses during my stay?

We have an immediate transactions system which means your registered card will be charged instantly when you make a purchase. Hence the request to have your card data saved for later when you book your room. Don't worry, you can always keep track of your expenses during your stay with the 'My expenses' option.

Can I pay by cash at the hotel?

No. For expenses regarding your booking (rooms, etc.) you can only pay online via a registered card. However you can always pay by cash in our bar.

Can I pay by card at the hotel?

No. For expenses regarding your booking (rooms, etc.) you can only pay online via a registered card. However you can always pay by card in our bar.

When do I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice immediately after your check-out via email.

Can I request a printed invoice?

We would like to stay a paperless hotel in order to contribute to saving the planet. However we can always assist you with sending your invoice to your address.

Can I separate my costs, for private and company?

Yes, please let us know before checking out and we will be glad to assist you.

How do I check-in?

To your comfort we it's possible to check-in prior your arrival (at least 48 hours). After downloading our application and filling out the information you can simply tap the check-in button, choose your floor and room, and wait for the confirmation push notification.

When can I check-in?

You can check-in 48 hours prior to your arrival. Our standard check-in time is 2 PM, but if your room is ready earlier we will notify you via push messages.

Why do I have to upload my ID picture to finalize the check-in process?

We require identification for security reasons, the same way a regular hotel would during the check-in process at the reception. Please make sure to upload a correct picture of your Passport or ID.

What happens if I am already at the hotel but my room isn't ready yet?

You can wait in our lobby, have a drink at the KViHotel Bar and use our free high-speed WiFi. You will receive a notification from us as soon as your room becomes available.

Can I choose the floor and room for myself?

Yes, we give you the freedom to do that. Choose the desired floor and room for your stay.

How do I get my room key?

If you have checked-in and your room is ready, we will send your key via the application and your phone becomes your key.

When do I get my room key?

If you have checked-in and your room is ready, we will send your key via the application and your phone becomes your key.

How do I open the door?

Open the application and tap the open door tile. Then place your phone on the opening panel that is located on the wall right next to your door.

What if I arrive late?

If you arrive later than expected, don't worry. As long as you have checked-in prior to your arrival there will be no problem. However, if you failed to arrive, the first night of your stay will be fully charged.

How can I get in if I arrive late?

As long as you have checked-in prior to your arrival you will always be able to enter the hotel and your room. The only thing you need to do is to open the door with your phone.

How do I check-out?

To your comfort, we have integrated the check-out procedure into the application. We are also helping you bear in mind your check-out time, which is 11 PM. We will notify you every 2 hours before your check-out.

All your payments (room, bar. Etc.) are handled online. Therefore at the end of your stay, all you have to do is to tap check-out and receive your online invoice in a couple of seconds later.

When is the check-out?

The standard check-out is at 11:00 PM. The late check-out is at 1 PM, and its fee is €10. In case you would like to request a late check-out, please contact us to review your request.

Can I request a late check-out?

Yes. Please let us know and we will notify you, if we can provide it based on our occupancy.

How much is the late check-out?

The late check-out fee is €10.

What do I do after checking out with the app?

There is nothing left to do - we will send your invoice online immediately after your check-out.

Does my guest have to download the TMRW app as well?

Yes. To be able to enter and exit the room, manage their settings and communicate with our hotel staff, it is necessary for guests to download the application.

Does my guest also have to register on the TMRW app?

No, it is not necessary for them to register. All they need to do is log into the app using their e-mail and the booking ID they received with the booking confirmation e-mail.

What if my guest doesn't have a smartphone / their phone doesn't work / they can't download the app?

Your guest does not necessarilly need to have an app. In that case she / he can always move together with you.

If am traveling with someone and we share a room, is that person considered my guest?

Yes. Anyone who is included in the booking you made is considered your guest, regardless of how many rooms you are occupying.

Can my guest also open the door of our room?

Yes. Your guest can use the app the same way you do to open the door.

Does my guest have to check in and out separately?

No. Everything is done by the primary booker.